Learned lots of good thing over the past few weeks.

From here

Thing 29 – Personalized Start Pages – Igoogle – have ; NetVibes – have ; My Yahoo – have but made changes since they made upgrades I didn’t know about.

Thing 28 – Social Task Lists  – Gubb – haven’t tried it ; Clockit – just signed up but haven’t used it yet ; Remember the Milk – have

Thing 27 – This One Next – Looks like a great readers advisory tool.

Thing 26 – Evernote – just signed up but haven’t tried it yet.

Thing 25 (also tech talk Friday) – Friendfeed – just signed up. It’s fun.

Thing 24 – Greasemonkey – Have it installed on Firefox but haven’t really used it yet.

Thing 23 – Gnod – Looks like a great readers advisory tool.

Thing 22 – Web Office 2.0 – I use Google Docs and Zoho out of the list.

Thing 21 – Teacher Tube – Haven’t really tried it but it looks useful for teachers.

Thing 20 – Evaluating the Net – Gives good sites for evaluating web sites.

Thing 19 – Flickr Revisited – I use picnik at work sometimes. Haven’t used their groups or videos much.

Thing 18 – Claim your ID online – I just signed up for Claimid. It was hard to figure out how to set up but once I did I was fine.

Thing 17 – Creative Commons – Very useful free stuff.

Thing 16 – Are You LinkedIn? – Yes I am.

Thing 15 – LastFm – Have an account but don’t use it often.

Thing 14 – Edit your photos without Photoshop – I hadn’t used Pixenate or Resizr before but they are cool. I like Phixr as well. Haven’t used Photoshop Express.

Thing 13 -lib.rario.us

Thing 12 – Google Maps – I’ve created my own map in google maps.

Thing 11 – Librarything Revisited – I knew about librarything local – very useful. but I didn’t know that you can use it on your cellphone. Cool

Thing 10 – IM Safety – Links to excellent IM safety websites. Very important.

Thing 9 – Pandora – Have an account but don’t use it often.

Thing 8 – Jott – I have an account but don’t use it often.

Thing 7 (and tech talk Friday) – Goodreads – Just joined but haven’t used it yet. Looks like a useful tool though.

Thing 6 – Ebooks and their readers – I have used netlibrary and overdrive. I like them. I want to try a Kindle or Sony Reader someday.

Thing 5 – Tumblr – Haven’t tried it.

Thing 4 – Twitter- Have an account.

Thing 3 – Setting up your Facebook Profile – I have an account.

Thing 2 – Online Privacy – Links to excellent online safety websites. Very important.

Thing 1 – Accessing Electronic Books

Tech Talk Friday – xtimeline  – great timeline making website.

Google Docs now has cool templates. I love them. They also introduced Lively. I downloaded it and set it up but haven’t played with it yet. They also introduced Knol. Haven’t used it yet.

Day in the life of a librarian has been fun to follow. Learn how fellow library workers spend their days at work. I’ve learned things from them too.

oldest living blogger dies. Wow, blogging at 108. I can’t believe it. How cool.

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Went to 2 new shopping centers. Saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. Good movie.

I am going to try the book a month challenge. We’ll see. This month I can cheat and read the book for my book group next month. I’m trying to get a head there a little since I’ve read this month’s book twice. I also want to do something with the Carnival of Infosciences. Maybe even write something that someone may want to submit. We’ll see.

Found more new blogs, put a blogroll up from my bloglines, found new sites, including feedblendr, and added new buttons and search engines to firefox.

Also bought an albums worth of mp3s from amazon. It’s cool that you can listen to them in Itunes or WMP.

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I found more blogs, twitter plugins, wlw plugins, and new free software for my computer.  I also added stuff to jott, digg and pageflake, fixed my yahoo pipes and more.

The above is a preview for Maggie Reads

Thing 46 is updates! Can it really be 1.5 years since I started learning about web 2.0? I have learned a lot since then. There are changes is some of the sites we learned about. I just looked at bloglines beta today. I like the look but don’t know about using of it. Google has added a lot since docs came out. I didn’t know about zoho notebook. I made one of my own.

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From Tech Blog

Haven’t done Skype.

Just found Vizo. It’s cool

Baked Cookies, Shopped, Bought and Wrapped presents, Decorated. Went out of town over the weekend. Hit 2 new shops. Went to 1 out of 2 parties at work. Went to the hockey game with people at work.

I love new stuff. I found new blogs. Joined pageflake, slide.com, netvibes, shared google items, yahoo pipe, digg, flickster, remember the milk, and kaboodle. Added links to my last.fm and ning profiles. Added things to my protopage and igoogle page.

Took this cool quiz.

The Year In Sentences

December : Spent Thanksgiving with Family and Relatives

November : Had a great 2 week vacation

October : I hit more new shops last weekend

September : I added librarything and itunes widgets.

August : Hanson came out with their new cd The Walk last week.

July : Learning 2.1 continues.

June : Had Memorial day off but not the weekend before.

May : I didn’t blog all month again

April : Busy Busy Busy

March : I’ve been busy.

February : I didn’t blog all month smile_sad

January: I can’t believe it’s the new year already.

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Learning 2.1 continues.

Thing 26 Added a widget from yourminis. It’s a cool site with cool widgets. Also added widgets from Flickr and Twitter and banner for a contest Hanson is holding.

Thing 27 Photobucket. I am not going to join Photobucket because I have just gotten all of my photos on to Flickr. But I do look at pictures on there from time to time and would recommend anyone who is just starting out sign up with Photobucket. Also forgot I did something with meez.

Thing 28

I used a picture that I took at a Hanson concert a few years ago.

Thing 29 Scrapbook Cool site. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet but will later.

Thing 30 lolcats

lolcats funny cat pictures

Cool site. Good for a laugh.

Thing 31 Plaxo. Not sure I like this one. Cool concept put I have other things that do the same thing. But I will play with it more when I have time too

Where else would I spend 07/07/07?

Had a great Father’s Day and Fourth of July with my family

A library in my county opened up a library branch last month without dewey. I’m not sure I like this. I’m all for giving the patron what they want but this might be too much. I’ll have to go down there sometime and see for my self. Article here and interview here

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Had Memorial day off but not the weekend before. Had 3 days off this weekend

Yea for new learning 2.1 things.

Thing 25 www.zamzar.com I used this and I
like it. It will be helpful for patrons. But I didn't totally like the way my
file was converted. I think though it was the file I used and not the site'

Thing 26 www.letterpop.com I like this
site. Great for friends of the Library groups to use for their newsletters.
my newsletter.

Also, trying to learn visual basic.

Joined www.popfly.com Haven't had much of
a chance to use it though. It looks cool.
my Microsoft Popfly page

Samantha Brown has a new show on the Travel Channel starting this week.

Yea for

Steve Kerr

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Busy Busy Busy

Went to a spring training game with my parents, spent Easter with family and relatives, went to see my brother’s favorite jazz band with him and my Mom, and saw Davy Jones (sigh).

I joined Twitter, Ning,and Libraryelf. According to an article in American Libraries I am a blogger rather than a writer and that is fine with me. Good article about Library 2.0 in public libraries here.

2 more library 2.0 practices from here
One is about addins. I love Firefox addins. I haven’t tried IE’s yet but will.

The other gaming. I used to love gaming when I was a kid, in Chuck E Cheese’, the arcade, on my atari, or trs80. I have a Nintendo and games in my computer but don’t get to play as much as I would like. Board games are cool too. I want to play on some of the sites on that page including Runescape. The kids at work are always on it.

Can’t wait for Google’s version of Power Point to come out this summer.

The new Sephora, Super Target, and Kohls near me are cool.

No memes this week.



I learned about this list through Charlotte Public Library Learning 2.0. Also one or 2 participants have done this.

1. Take a digital picture with a camera and/or phone and download it to your
PC. Done

2. Register at Blogger and start a blog. Post every once in a while and add a
photo. Done

3. Register at Bloglines and aggregate your blog and RSS subscriptions into one
reader. Check out what other blogs align with your interests.Done

4. Look at Facebook and see the next generation of social networking. Done and
have an account

5. Set up a Flickr account and post a few of digital photos online. Tag and
annotate them. Done

6. Look at LibraryElf and see the potential for personal library tools. Done

7. Check out LibraryThing and catalogue a few books from your personal
collection. Done

8. Register at MSN Photo Album and build an album to share with friends, family,
or colleagues. Have Yahoo Photos instead

9. Check out Myspace and see how this service has become so huge globally. Done
I even have an account

10. Have some fun with the links on the
Generator Blog. Will do

11. Download Firefox and compare it to Explorer and Opera. Done

12. Research bookmarklets and try a few. Done

13. Revisit Yahoo! and remind yourself why it is visited more than Google. Done

14. Learn about iFILM and viral video. Will

15. Get a PubSub account and start searching the future. Can’t went bankrupt

16. Make a map of all the countries or states you’ve been to at Visited
Countries. Done

17. Experiment with some sound and picture search engines like Podscope. Done

18. Try some new Web search engines like Exalead, Wink, Gravee, Clusty, Mooter,
Kartoo, etc., or others you can find at Search Engine Watch’s list.


19. Learn more about visual display tools like
. Will do

20. Check out Google Base and see what the fuss is all about.

21. Register with NetFlix and rent a movie. Learn how to deal with streaming

22. Get a Del.icio.us account and play with social bookmarking and tags. Done

23. Play with Blinkx and learn about searching TV shows, video and podcasts.

24. Try MovieFlix too. There are plenty
of free movies here to learn to do this.

25. Set up a Google Picasa account. Post a picture and then edit it. Done

26. Download an MP3 file to your PC, laptop or phone. Try iTunes, LimeWire,
Kazaa, or eDonkey. Look for something that’s not music too. Done

27. Listen to a podcast. There are quite a few about library issues, too .Done

28. Find your home and your office on Google Maps. Done

29. Check out your local public library’s website. You’ll likely find some cool
stuff like talking books for that long commute, or classical music collections,
or eBooks. Done

30. Change your ring tone so you don’t jump when everyone else’s default ring
goes off. Done

31. Visit the Google Labs site regularly. Done

32. Set up a personalized Google or My Yahoo! page Done both

33. Play with JibJab. Done

34. Play with Wikipedia. Edit an entry, feel the network. Played but no edit

35. Play with Copernic and extend your searching.

36. Play an online multiplayer game. Want to do

37. Take an e-learning course from Click University. Can’t

38. Choose any of the above and add your own goals. Include some fun things,

My own goal – play around with Windows Live Writer more.

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monday madness

1. I get about _______ telemarketer phone calls on a daily basis. 0-1

2. I never call anyone after _______ at night. 8:00 unless it’s my parents

3. I never call anyone before _______ in the morning. 9:00

4. I (please choose one) DO or DON’T screen my phone calls via caller ID. do

5. I really should call _______ more often.


1. Top two Favorite Movies. Stripes

2. Top two Favorite Actors.

3. Top two Favorite Actresses.

4. Top two Favorite TV Shows. Monkees

5. Top two Favorite TV Musicians.  Monkees Hanson

Wednesday Mindhump

1. Name a song that makes you smile. MMMbop

2. Name a food that makes you smile. Mac and Cheese

3. Name a person that makes you smile. My parents

4. Name a movie that makes you smile. Stripes

5. Name a website that makes you smile.

The Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Happy–New Year to you and yours! …any plans for this weekend?
Dick Clark? Guy Lombardo? Early to bed? Spend it with my parents. Watch the ball
drop with Dick Clark then straight to bed.

Twosome: New–year, old year. Is this the year you take up skiing? …or
knitting? …or vacuuming every other day <g>? Do you have any major project
you’d like to tackle? (Sure, ‘resolutions’ count…) no

Threesome: Year–end chores? Do the lights and decorations come down this
weekend? …or are you already "done with Christmas"? Stuff comes down

Five on Friday

1. What events shaped your life in 2006? Learned more about web 2.0

2. How about you proudest/biggest achievement of the year? see above

3. Did you keep any of your new year’s resolutions? didn’t make any

4. What is your fondest memory of 2006?

5. What are you looking forward to most in the new year?

Friday Fiver

) Big Party or stay at home alone? parents

2) Stay up to watch the ball drop? yes

3) Will you make any resolutions? no

4) Is Dick Clark a good host for New Year’s Eve? yes

5) Do you know the words to Auld Lang Syne? some

Saturday 8

1. new year’s plans? with parents

2. i don’t do new year’s resolutions, but i think that we all look forward to
doing something differently in the new year. what will you do in 2007 that you
didn’t do in 2006? not sure

3. in the past 24 hours, i have reconnected with 3 old friends that i’ve not
spoken to in years. if you could reconnect with someone from your past who would
it be, and why? my best friend

4. i live my life not regretting anything … or at least try not to regret
anything that i’ve done, and look at life as a learning experience. do you have
anything that you would have not done/done differently in 2006 as you look back?

5. going back to my ex-friends that i reconnected with, one of them REALLY let
me down as she chose a guy over our friendship. she wrote to me that she would
think back over these past 14 years and kick herself, and wonder what had
happened to me? do you have someone that you wronged/wronged you and wonder
where they are? what happened to that friendship? no

6. one of the other ex-friends is an ex-boyfriend that i had when i was 16. he
cheated on me when i was 17, and then i ‘got over it’ and we had a cordial
non-friendship. i’m married and he’s married, so i don’t have any problem
talking with him as there is NO chance at stirring up any old flames. if you had
a chance to reconnect with an ex, who would it be, and why? or would you let
sleeping "dogs" lie? don’t have one

7. i’m eating to join a weight-loss study. that’s right … i’m about 10 lbs.
shy of the weight goal and am actually porking out this coming week as i get
free vitamins/supplements, a free registered dietician for two years, and i also
get $600/mo. to participate for two years. i’m VERY tall (over 5’9"), so this is
going to be difficult! i’m gaining 10 lbs. to lose my original goal of 20 lbs.,
which will now be 30 lbs. (hey, i want to get back into a size 6 after being a
size 10 for a few years!). to gain those 10 lbs., what do you suggest that i
eat? any "fun" fattening foods that i should try?

8. i’m heading to disney today with the family and friends. what is your
favourite theme park, and why?


Sunday Seven

Name up to seven things you had planned or hoped to do, but didn’t, by the
time 2006 came to a close.

nothing comes to mind right now but I’m sure there is something.

Click here for more>>

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this is an audio post - click to play

I finally put up an audio post. One of the last learning 2.0 thing I wanted to do.

The last assignment is to answer the following questions.

For your last and final exercise for this program please reflect on your learning journey and post a few thoughts. Here are some questions to prompt you if you’re drawing a blank …

  • What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? I don’t have a favorite. I liked all of them.
  • Were there any take-a-aways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? The amount of things you can do online using web 2.0.
  • What could we do differently to improve upon this programs format or concept? Nothing! And last but not least…
  • If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you again chose to participate? Yes!
  • Thanks for the chance to do this! I learned a lot and had fun along the way. Now to keep up with the new web 2.0 stuff that comes out daily.