first memes of the year

monday madness

1. I get about _______ telemarketer phone calls on a daily basis. 0-1

2. I never call anyone after _______ at night. 8:00 unless it’s my parents

3. I never call anyone before _______ in the morning. 9:00

4. I (please choose one) DO or DON’T screen my phone calls via caller ID. do

5. I really should call _______ more often.


1. Top two Favorite Movies. Stripes

2. Top two Favorite Actors.

3. Top two Favorite Actresses.

4. Top two Favorite TV Shows. Monkees

5. Top two Favorite TV Musicians.  Monkees Hanson

Wednesday Mindhump

1. Name a song that makes you smile. MMMbop

2. Name a food that makes you smile. Mac and Cheese

3. Name a person that makes you smile. My parents

4. Name a movie that makes you smile. Stripes

5. Name a website that makes you smile.

The Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Happy–New Year to you and yours! …any plans for this weekend?
Dick Clark? Guy Lombardo? Early to bed? Spend it with my parents. Watch the ball
drop with Dick Clark then straight to bed.

Twosome: New–year, old year. Is this the year you take up skiing? …or
knitting? …or vacuuming every other day <g>? Do you have any major project
you’d like to tackle? (Sure, ‘resolutions’ count…) no

Threesome: Year–end chores? Do the lights and decorations come down this
weekend? …or are you already "done with Christmas"? Stuff comes down

Five on Friday

1. What events shaped your life in 2006? Learned more about web 2.0

2. How about you proudest/biggest achievement of the year? see above

3. Did you keep any of your new year’s resolutions? didn’t make any

4. What is your fondest memory of 2006?

5. What are you looking forward to most in the new year?

Friday Fiver

) Big Party or stay at home alone? parents

2) Stay up to watch the ball drop? yes

3) Will you make any resolutions? no

4) Is Dick Clark a good host for New Year’s Eve? yes

5) Do you know the words to Auld Lang Syne? some

Saturday 8

1. new year’s plans? with parents

2. i don’t do new year’s resolutions, but i think that we all look forward to
doing something differently in the new year. what will you do in 2007 that you
didn’t do in 2006? not sure

3. in the past 24 hours, i have reconnected with 3 old friends that i’ve not
spoken to in years. if you could reconnect with someone from your past who would
it be, and why? my best friend

4. i live my life not regretting anything … or at least try not to regret
anything that i’ve done, and look at life as a learning experience. do you have
anything that you would have not done/done differently in 2006 as you look back?

5. going back to my ex-friends that i reconnected with, one of them REALLY let
me down as she chose a guy over our friendship. she wrote to me that she would
think back over these past 14 years and kick herself, and wonder what had
happened to me? do you have someone that you wronged/wronged you and wonder
where they are? what happened to that friendship? no

6. one of the other ex-friends is an ex-boyfriend that i had when i was 16. he
cheated on me when i was 17, and then i ‘got over it’ and we had a cordial
non-friendship. i’m married and he’s married, so i don’t have any problem
talking with him as there is NO chance at stirring up any old flames. if you had
a chance to reconnect with an ex, who would it be, and why? or would you let
sleeping "dogs" lie? don’t have one

7. i’m eating to join a weight-loss study. that’s right … i’m about 10 lbs.
shy of the weight goal and am actually porking out this coming week as i get
free vitamins/supplements, a free registered dietician for two years, and i also
get $600/mo. to participate for two years. i’m VERY tall (over 5’9"), so this is
going to be difficult! i’m gaining 10 lbs. to lose my original goal of 20 lbs.,
which will now be 30 lbs. (hey, i want to get back into a size 6 after being a
size 10 for a few years!). to gain those 10 lbs., what do you suggest that i
eat? any "fun" fattening foods that i should try?

8. i’m heading to disney today with the family and friends. what is your
favourite theme park, and why?


Sunday Seven

Name up to seven things you had planned or hoped to do, but didn’t, by the
time 2006 came to a close.

nothing comes to mind right now but I’m sure there is something.

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