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Busy Busy Busy

Went to a spring training game with my parents, spent Easter with family and relatives, went to see my brother’s favorite jazz band with him and my Mom, and saw Davy Jones (sigh).

I joined Twitter, Ning,and Libraryelf. According to an article in American Libraries I am a blogger rather than a writer and that is fine with me. Good article about Library 2.0 in public libraries here.

2 more library 2.0 practices from here
One is about addins. I love Firefox addins. I haven’t tried IE’s yet but will.

The other gaming. I used to love gaming when I was a kid, in Chuck E Cheese’, the arcade, on my atari, or trs80. I have a Nintendo and games in my computer but don’t get to play as much as I would like. Board games are cool too. I want to play on some of the sites on that page including Runescape. The kids at work are always on it.

Can’t wait for Google’s version of Power Point to come out this summer.

The new Sephora, Super Target, and Kohls near me are cool.

No memes this week.

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