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Learned lots of good thing over the past few weeks.

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Thing 29 – Personalized Start Pages – Igoogle – have ; NetVibes – have ; My Yahoo – have but made changes since they made upgrades I didn’t know about.

Thing 28 – Social Task Lists  – Gubb – haven’t tried it ; Clockit – just signed up but haven’t used it yet ; Remember the Milk – have

Thing 27 – This One Next – Looks like a great readers advisory tool.

Thing 26 – Evernote – just signed up but haven’t tried it yet.

Thing 25 (also tech talk Friday) – Friendfeed – just signed up. It’s fun.

Thing 24 – Greasemonkey – Have it installed on Firefox but haven’t really used it yet.

Thing 23 – Gnod – Looks like a great readers advisory tool.

Thing 22 – Web Office 2.0 – I use Google Docs and Zoho out of the list.

Thing 21 – Teacher Tube – Haven’t really tried it but it looks useful for teachers.

Thing 20 – Evaluating the Net – Gives good sites for evaluating web sites.

Thing 19 – Flickr Revisited – I use picnik at work sometimes. Haven’t used their groups or videos much.

Thing 18 – Claim your ID online – I just signed up for Claimid. It was hard to figure out how to set up but once I did I was fine.

Thing 17 – Creative Commons – Very useful free stuff.

Thing 16 – Are You LinkedIn? – Yes I am.

Thing 15 – LastFm – Have an account but don’t use it often.

Thing 14 – Edit your photos without Photoshop – I hadn’t used Pixenate or Resizr before but they are cool. I like Phixr as well. Haven’t used Photoshop Express.

Thing 13

Thing 12 – Google Maps – I’ve created my own map in google maps.

Thing 11 – Librarything Revisited – I knew about librarything local – very useful. but I didn’t know that you can use it on your cellphone. Cool

Thing 10 – IM Safety – Links to excellent IM safety websites. Very important.

Thing 9 – Pandora – Have an account but don’t use it often.

Thing 8 – Jott – I have an account but don’t use it often.

Thing 7 (and tech talk Friday) – Goodreads – Just joined but haven’t used it yet. Looks like a useful tool though.

Thing 6 – Ebooks and their readers – I have used netlibrary and overdrive. I like them. I want to try a Kindle or Sony Reader someday.

Thing 5 – Tumblr – Haven’t tried it.

Thing 4 – Twitter- Have an account.

Thing 3 – Setting up your Facebook Profile – I have an account.

Thing 2 – Online Privacy – Links to excellent online safety websites. Very important.

Thing 1 – Accessing Electronic Books

Tech Talk Friday – xtimeline  – great timeline making website.

Google Docs now has cool templates. I love them. They also introduced Lively. I downloaded it and set it up but haven’t played with it yet. They also introduced Knol. Haven’t used it yet.

Day in the life of a librarian has been fun to follow. Learn how fellow library workers spend their days at work. I’ve learned things from them too.

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