I love to shop. Either online or in stores. I like Hot Topic. I learned about BoxLunch and Attic Salt last year. I also learned about Five Below online last year. I just learned that they opened up physical stores near me this year and went.

This post from hack library school talks about working in a public or academic library after getting their MLS. She talks about how they are very similar. I visited South Mountain Community College Library last year. It is run by the Phoenix Public Library and the Maricopa Community Colleges. It is a public and academic library. I enjoyed visiting there. I think it would be great to work there. You get to help a lot of different people. You have to know a little about a lot of different things. You even need to keep up with news and popular culture.

Five years ago I made a post about how this applies to technology.

There is even a book called Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David J. Epstein that talks about this very topic.

Dan Draper wrote an article called “How to prioritize what you learn by creating a topic backlog” https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-prioritize-what-you-learn-by-creating-a-topic-backlog-30d6a2a2c798?fbclid=IwAR0JG5YQ8bkGHK-weQSEBXcot9aQCxXLTcog1GHuY43DZYCL-nLQhh6hIGM . I started a list of what I have learned, what I am learning, and what I want to learn. I also have a giant list on my wiki of what I want to learn. I have so much that I want to learn that it is hard to figure out what I want to learn next. I might use his tips later on.

I updated the theme to my website. I love it. I tweaked to use some of the design from my old blogger blog. My old theme was too old and I was worried that I might not be able to update it someday as WP changes. I did add the classic editor plugin just in case I don’t like the new way of posting. Of course Google was my friend again along with the forums since I had a couple of questions on how to do things. I also updated my drupal blogs.

I moved from a self hosted moodle to moodlecloud. I’m hoping it will be easier.

I didn’t game as much as I should have this year. I love playing Microsoft Mah Jong, the Candy Crush Games, slots, and Power Rangers. But I didn’t play Minecraft, Roblox, or Fortnite like I should have. It would help me at work. Next year I hope to play my steam games plus those other 3 more.

I found out what a bullet journal is this year. I bought one for personal things. I use it for lists and motivation. I also have a planner that I usually keep appointments in. I keep lists in Microsoft to-do and OneNote. I bought a journal just for work stuff as well. I also still have my Moleskine notebook to keep notes in. I bought a daily journal as well to put down thoughts, what happened that day etc. I like the pads that the company Knock Knock comes out with. I use that for weekly to do lists. All of this keeps me organized.

I also bought art supplies this year. Paint and gel pens, chaulk. I hope to learn how to use them. I also hope to continue to color as well. I hope to knit a couple of scrubbies in the new year as well.

I only wanted to see the new Avengers movie and Oceans 8 movies this year. Avengers was weird. But next years movie is a continuation (which of course I want to see). I liked Oceans 8. I want to see Mary Poppins Returns and Spiderman Spiderverse as well. I also want to watch Book Club and Incredibles 2 on dvd.
I need to catch up on Supergirl on tv. I also have started to watch The Rookie. It’s good but I don’t like the supervisors in the show. I need to catch up on Power Rangers as well.
I have a list of shows on netflix and videos on Youtube that I want to catch up on as well.

Last year I didn’t do a post on music. But I should have.
Last year Hanson and New Kids on the Block put out new Christmas albums. I like both of them.
Hanson also came out with a compilation of their music so far. It was good. They came out with String Theory this year. It is good as well.
This year the Monkees came out with a Christmas Album. Like Good Times, no new Davy Jones of course. That is kind of weird. But it’s a great album!
I joined Apple Music. I like it so much I will be dropping Spotify and Pandora next year.
I also found some new podcasts. I have a list I need to catch up on. I like using apple and google podcasts to listen to them.