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Learning 2.1 continues.

Thing 26 Added a widget from yourminis. It’s a cool site with cool widgets. Also added widgets from Flickr and Twitter and banner for a contest Hanson is holding.

Thing 27 Photobucket. I am not going to join Photobucket because I have just gotten all of my photos on to Flickr. But I do look at pictures on there from time to time and would recommend anyone who is just starting out sign up with Photobucket. Also forgot I did something with meez.

Thing 28

I used a picture that I took at a Hanson concert a few years ago.

Thing 29 Scrapbook Cool site. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet but will later.

Thing 30 lolcats

lolcats funny cat pictures

Cool site. Good for a laugh.

Thing 31 Plaxo. Not sure I like this one. Cool concept put I have other things that do the same thing. But I will play with it more when I have time too

Where else would I spend 07/07/07?

Had a great Father’s Day and Fourth of July with my family

A library in my county opened up a library branch last month without dewey. I’m not sure I like this. I’m all for giving the patron what they want but this might be too much. I’ll have to go down there sometime and see for my self. Article here and interview here

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