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Haven’t done Skype.

Just found Vizo. It’s cool

Baked Cookies, Shopped, Bought and Wrapped presents, Decorated. Went out of town over the weekend. Hit 2 new shops. Went to 1 out of 2 parties at work. Went to the hockey game with people at work.

I love new stuff. I found new blogs. Joined pageflake, slide.com, netvibes, shared google items, yahoo pipe, digg, flickster, remember the milk, and kaboodle. Added links to my last.fm and ning profiles. Added things to my protopage and igoogle page.

Took this cool quiz.

The Year In Sentences

December : Spent Thanksgiving with Family and Relatives

November : Had a great 2 week vacation

October : I hit more new shops last weekend

September : I added librarything and itunes widgets.

August : Hanson came out with their new cd The Walk last week.

July : Learning 2.1 continues.

June : Had Memorial day off but not the weekend before.

May : I didn’t blog all month again

April : Busy Busy Busy

March : I’ve been busy.

February : I didn’t blog all month smile_sad

January: I can’t believe it’s the new year already.

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