I didn’t get to really do the Read Harder Challenge at all this year.
I did get to finally read Ms. Marvel. I liked it. I bought another in the series as well. I like the power rangers TV show. I bought the comics that they came out with. I also bought a Peanuts and Garfield comic that the same company produced. I am a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sabrina so I bought comics from them as well. I hope to reed all of these next year. My book group reading keeps me busy. But I did read Once Upon a Farm by Rory Feek and The Trans Generation. They were both good.

I have some management books that I hope to get to next year. Plus maybe the read harder challenge again?

I watched the Elseworlds Arrowverse crossover. They will be taking from the infinite crisis arc next year. So I should listed to the graphic audio version of that whole series before they show it so I know what’s going on. I missed some things from this years crossover since I didn’t know the story line from the comics.

I mentioned in a previous post that I started to learn to code with basic and pascal in school. About 20 years ago I learned HTML and CSS. I also learned a little xml and javascript.
But now I want to learn more. I want to learn more javascript and bootstrap. I also want to add to my html and css knowledge. I still also want to learn about bitcoin, blockchain / data and also Ubuntu Server. I added a computer class page, a resources page, a projects page, and log page to my coding section of my website. This way I might keep track of what I want to learn. I keep on following the codenewbie, 100daysofcode, and freecodecamp hashtags on twitter. I don’t think I want to switch professions but I want to add to what I already know and find out how others are doing it.

I have been watching Samantha Brown’s Places to Love on PBS and have enjoyed it. It talks about local places. That got me thinking about local libraries.

I have wanted to visit the South Mountain Community Library on the campus of the South Mountain Community College. It is a joint use facility between the Maricopa Community College District and the Phoenix Public Library. I went there to get some work done (while listening to a podcast) and also looked around a little. It is a nice library. I like that it is a public and a community college library. I also printed from wifi in a public place for the first time. I also ate lunch there.

I also went to the Frank Talk on the Impact of Fake News in the Real World. It is sponsored by the Arizona Humanities. Jamie Bowen – ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication presented the program. It is a timely topic with all the things going on right now. I enjoyed the program. He gave some information/history but also lead a group discussion. That was interesting and helpful.

I went to Phoenix Comicon.
I read books.
I went to the movies.
I went to The Thumb and also Rocket Fizz.
I attended the Arizona Library Associations Annual Conference in Mesa. I was one of many presenters that talked about the LSTA grants we received last year. I also was in a panel discussion from Tech Talk. I talked about our social media presentation.
I made Christmas cookies as usual.
I went to a Phoenix Rising soccer game. It was interesting.
I got a little bit organized this year. I want to do more next year. I also want to buy exercise equipment. I also want to learn about bitcoin, blockchain / data and also Ubuntu Server.

This was the year for superhero movies for me.

I went to see Power Rangers. I didn’t like it as well as the TV series or the other two movies. It wasn’t light or campy like them. But I want to see what Tommy will be like in the 2nd movie if there is one.

I went to see Wonder Woman. I loved it. She is my favorite comic book character. I can see why so many people went to see it.

I went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales. I like Will Turner. He wasn’t in it a lot but it was still a good movie.

I went to see Justice League. I didn’t like Batman vs. Superman because I don’t like the actor who played Luthor. But I did like this movie. I liked the message that it had.

I want to see the Ghostbusters reboot that came out last year but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I also want to see the Oceans 8 reboot that is out next year.

I’m also looking forward to the new Avengers movie coming out next year.

I wanted to do the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge this year but didn’t get nearly as far as I had hoped. I’m a slow reader and don’t take much time to read. I also have books to read for my tow bookgroups at work. Here’s what I did get to.

Read a book about sports. When the Game Was Ours by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. I was in 4th grade when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird went head to head in the NCAA playoffs. I also became a Laker fan while Magic was there. I liked this book. I even got some respect for Larry Bird.

Read an all-ages comic. Smile I now understand why this book is always checked out from my library. The kids can identify with the characters in the book. I liked it.

Read a travel memoir. Eat Pray Love I liked this book. I like traveling even though I don’t get to do it often. I can’t travel as extensively as she did but I enjoyed her adventures in finding herself.

Read a book that is set more than 5000 miles from your location. All the Light We Cannot See. I cheated on this one. I started the book years ago but did not finish it. I finished it for my other bookgroup at work. I liked it the second time around. It has a hard theme but it has a good ending.

Read a book you’ve read before. I didn’t get to this one. But I reread my favorite book from childhood, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler a couple of years ago for bookgroup. I loved it as much as I did when I was a kid. I always wanted to runaway when I was a kid.

I still read comic books all the time. Read a superhero comic with a female lead is one of the challenges. I have Mrs. Marvel Vol. 1 but I haven’t read it yet. I will get to it. I usually read Supergirl, or Batgirl, or Wonder Woman. I need to read one with an ethnic female lead so that is why I will read this one. I also want to read Miles Morales some time. Once again I read comics with while male leads but not Hispanic. I hadn’t heard of him until I saw a post on him on twitter where a librarian had introduced him to a boy at her library who didn’t like to read. He loved it because Miles is a lot like him. There will be a movie out next year with him.

I also wanted to read some of the books the mysteries on Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel this year. I read the first one of the Aurora Teagarden mysteries, Real Murders. I also read Garage Sale Stalker which is the first one in the Garage Sale Mysteries series. I liked both of them.

I also read all 3 of Debbie Macomber Miracle series and bought the first one in her Angels series which I haven’t read yet. I like her books and as usual they were good light fare.

I want to try and see how far I can get with the new challenge next year. I also should read What Color is Your Parachute and some other career and management books. I also found out about Adult Non-fiction graphic novels that I want to try out.

This week was the 50th Anniversary of the airing of the first episode of the Monkees. Back when they aired repeats in 1976 I started watching them and fell in love with Davy Jones. I loved his British accent and the fact that he was short. When they got back together in 1986 I was able to see them live. My poor father went with me to see them Live four times. I also saw Davy Live by myself once. They played a show in Mesa last Thursday but I couldn’t go because I was working. Plus Davy wasn’t there since he passed back in 2012 and my father passed in 2009 so it would have been hard for me. They put out a new album this year. It is called Good Times and it is good. One of the admins for the Zilch Monkees podcast also runs the Better Library Leaders Podcast. She came up with a cool article about Six Timeless Leadership Lessons I Learned from the Monkees. Now to go watch the Monkees Marathon on AntennaTV.

There was a question on Twitter. Who was the first celebrity death to really punch you in the gut? My answer, Davy Jones. On the day he died, I was teaching my Internet Basics class at work. One of the sites I have them go to in class in the Arizona Republic’s website. His death was one of the home page stories. I had to get through class and the rest of work before I could cry. I saw him on a PBS special the next month and cried my eyes out.


This happened last year and I can’t believe I didn’t post about it then. In addition to loving libraries I love music. Dave Menzo learned that the Ann Arbor Public Library loaned out musical instruments and created a cds worth of music. Then he put it up on Kickstarter. I contributed and got a cd. Cool. You can borrow all kinds of things from libraries. More info in this article. Also, you can buy the cd on CD Baby.

Wow! I didn’t realize that it’s been a year since my last post.
I spent most of the day yesterday moving my website to WordPress. I was using it for blogging only but now I am using it for my whole site. It took me awhile to do but I like the way it looks. I used Google a lot to answer the questions I had on how to do things. Things have changed a lot since I first learned HTML in 1997. I did things I’ve never done and I learned a lot. I also now have a mobile version of my site.

Shelfari is no more but I didn’t know that. So I had to try to recreate my shelves in LibraryThing.