How I Became a Librarian

I went to my first public library the week before we were supposed to move to a new town. I loved it. So when we moved, I went to the public library in the new town. I used to go to the school library often as well. I would either be at the library or the pool every summer. I worked as a student worker in the school library in 7th grade. That was when I knew I wanted to be a librarian. I volunteered at the public library the summer after 9th grade. Then we moved to a new city. I became a page at the nearby public library branch on my 16th birthday. After I graduated high school and college, I volunteered then worked at the public library in my undergraduate town. Then I moved to a different state for graduate school and got my MLS. I volunteered at the public library in that town. I also had an internship in a near by town’s public library system. After I graduated, I became a librarian in a different city in the same state. Then I moved back home a couple of years later.

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