Professional Learning Network

The HyperLibMOOC had a good lesson on Online Professional Learning Networks. I thought I would post mine.

Online Professional Learning Network

Goals Statement:

My online professional Learning Network will help me to keep up with trends in technology and libraries in Arizona as well as the US.

Defined Scope:

I am a librarian at a public library and I help people in our computer lab and also teach our computer classes. It’s important for me to keep up with new technology and also changes in librarianship. I also will keep up with new education standards as a lot of our patrons are students.

Resource Network:

I will keep up with this by keeping up with twitter feeds, facebook pages, Google +, email lists, blog posts (with help from newsblur), reddit, and podcasts and Ted Talks from librarians and people in the technology field. I also will keep reading professional and technological journals. I use diigo and pocket to bookmark sites and read them later. I will also be on the lookout for MOOCs and webinars I may want to follow. I will search twitter tags during conferences etc. I will go to other area libraries and look at their websites to see what they are doing. I will go to Tech Talk and GPDL Users Group meetings and conference when I can.

For example in my new librarianship and The Next Big Thing posts.

This includes keeping up with what is happening in schools as we help a a lot of students.

Network Maintenance Plan:

I will review this network regularly as things change or I learn of new things.

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