New Librarianship

Interesting article 5 Principles of New Librarianship.

Principle 1: New librarianship promotes multiple literacies.
Libraries aren’t just books any more. We have music, dvds, books on cd, ebooks, audiobooks, and computers. We have to promote this to our patrons and community.

Principle 2: New librarianship supports ubiquitous learning.
24/7 learning. An example of this is electronic resources that are online MOOCs.

Principle 3: New librarianship is rooted in multiple disciplines, including library science, information science, media studies and the learning sciences.
In order to teach the public multiple literacies we have to learn them first.

Principle 4: New librarianship emphasizes technology leadership.
Teaching patrons how to use computers, technology, and gadgets. We must learn how to use them first.

Principle 5: New librarianship facilitates the ‘library as Third Space’ concept.
The library should be thought of as a community space when people can meet as a group, study and learn together, and create things together.

I would also mention Embedded Librarianship in this as well. Take the library and staff to the public/community.

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