Hi there

I installed windows 7 home premium on virtualbox and like it. I also installed Chrome OS on virtualbox but it is slow. I also have installed Boxee on my laptop and watch tv shows from it every once in awhile. I have worked on my desktops for my computers. I made them look better and easier to use. I have added some firefox extensions and google addins. Some good ideas http://lifehacker.com/5435523/you-dont-need-to-regularly-reinstall-windows-heres-why?skyline=true&s=x.

The holidays have come and gone. I got to spend them with my family.

My Mom, my brother and I went to the Fire Museum.

I went to birthday parties for my friend and my friend’s son.

I have also watched a few dvds and wend to see Blind Side and Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeekquel.

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