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Monday’s a bitch

1. Have you ever partaken in a dare? What did it entail? no
2. Do you live with anyone who has any particularly annoying living habits?(eg. leaves toilet seat up,forgets to give messages) no
3. Who’s your favourite advertising mascot? (eg. Tony the Tiger,The Michelin Man)
4. If you were a high school stereotype,you’d be the…? loaner.

5. Do you like organic food? no really

Manic Monday

If you could have any music group or musician play at a party, who would you hire? Hanson
Name three things to be happy about today. NKOTB
How do you release frustration? Surf the internet or play the piano

Tuesday Tunes

What songs cheer you up when you’re feeling down? MMMbop
What song comes to mind when you think of the word : Happy? Don’t worry be happy
If you needed to cheer up a friend, what music would you play? not sure

Wednesday Mindhump

Name some things that make you happy . . .
A song MMMBop
A book
A memory
A food Mac and Cheese
A person parents
A place Charlotte

Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Anyone– Has anyone made an impression on you lately? No, not on the national level, but at work or school or just ‘around’. …or even here on the web? no

Twosome: can Miss– Speaking of webbish things (and of course we are <g>!), what types of things do you take a miss on at your place and chose not to post about? Just curious… personal stuff

Threesome: a Day– On a similar note: do you post every day? …or just whenever? …or is every session at the computer a spur to work up a little something? Whenever

Friday Fiver

1. Are you a people watcher? yes
2. Who do you hang out with? don’t hand much
3. Did you work hard this week? no
4. How do you show a date a good time?
5. What’s your favorite rule to break? speed

Five on Friday

1. Other than the official start of spring on the calender, what really signifies the start of spring for you? weather
2. How severe is your spring cleaning bug this year? not
3. What one thing says “spring” to you more than any other? flowers
4. What are your springtime traditions?
5. When do you break out your spring and summer wardrobe? Do you follow the “no white before Easter” rule? depends.  Don’t wear white clothes until springtime

Saturday Special

~I Say….You Answer…
Using words that are constantly mentioned during the Easter season, answer with the first word that comes to mind….~

1. Peace….. you answer?:  symbol

2. Passion….. you answer?: love

3. Forgive….. you answer?: forgiveness

4. Love….. you answer?: friends and family

Sunday Seven

Choose seven ingredients you’d use with vanilla ice cream to invent the next great ice cream flavor.  chocolate chips, sprinkles

Booked by 3 for March

1. List up to 3 books you’ve read that start with each of the aforementioned letters. “The,” “A,” and “An” may be ignored for the purpose of this exercise.

2. List up to 3 authors you’ve read whose first or

3. List up to 3 books and/or authors for each letter that you want to read. none come to mind

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