Manic Monday

If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be? North Carolina
Where do you go for advice? My parents
What is the sickest you’ve ever been?

Monday’s a bitch

1. What was the last holiday you went on? Last Month
2. Have you ever been to Chicago? yes
3. What’s the best example from your life of the phrase “Truth is stranger than fiction”?
4. How often do you take Taxis? Are they useful to you, or a waste of money? not often
5. Do you prefer brown sugar or white sugar? White 

Querky Tuesday

New words for 2008

Tuesday Tunes

Do you ever buy CDs used? If so, where? Not often. Zia Record Exchanges
Have you ever sold your CDs back at a used shop or a place like no but tapes yes
Have you ever been surprised to find a certain CD @ a used CD store? no
What has been your best find @ a used CD store.

Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Apple– turnovers? Bear claws? Do you have a favorite pastry? You know, the one you can’t pass up no matter what! turnover 

Twosome: Pie– or cake? You’re out to dinner and you get your choice: What do you go for? …or do you simply have to have the creme brulee? depends 

Threesome: Crust–makes the pie, ya’ think? Which pie absolutely has to have the proper crust or it just doesn’t work for you?  pumpkin

Friday Fiver

1. What do you need?
2. What won’t you share?
3. What do you hurry through? work
4. Who is worth waiting for?
5. Friday fill-in:
I can’t bear to ______.

Five on Fridays

1. Do you wear sunscreen? Do you use it everyday or just when you’re at the beach? Not as often as I should

2. How often do you brush your teeth? What about floss and flouride? once a day

3. Do you get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day? no unfortunately

4. How often do you exercise? What do you do? not often enough.

5. Do you use a seatbelt every time you get into a car? Almost

Saturday Eight

1. have you ever used a tanning bed? why or why not? no
2. do you tan easily, or do you have the red/white only option? burn baby
3. have you ever had skin cancer, or know anyone who has? no, yes
4. have you ever had a sunburn so bad, you blistered? yes
5. when was the last time you burned yourself on something hot? last month or two.
6. when was the last time you attended (or made) a bonfire? in college.
7. do you use spf every day (as in a makeup), or what spf do you use in your suntan lotion? 40 when I wear it.
8. where you’re at, when will it be warm enough to wear a bathing suit or get some rays?  no

Saturday Special

1. Quiet evening at home or Out on the town?: home

2. Watching a movie or Reading a good book?: both

3. Ordering a meal or cooking one yourself?: cooking

4. Going for a walk or taking a ride in the car?: car

Sunday Seven

Name your top seven tattoo designs you’d get if you had to get a tattoo. (For extra credit, note whether you already have the tattoo(s) you list.) not sure

  1. List up to 3 books you read in 2007 that you loved. none
  2. List up to 3 books you read in 2007 that were disappointments. none
  3. List up to 3 authors you discovered in 2007 you definitely will put on your Must Read list. none

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