another holiday weekend

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One of the learning 2.0 tasks was to blog about technology. We got new
databases at work a couple of weeks ago. I think out patrons will like them. We
also got ebooks. I downloaded a hopilong cassidy movie for my Mom.

Then it’s on to bloglines. It’s a great way for me to keep track of  my
rss feeds. I added a lot of feeds in the last couple of weeks.  I didn’t
know about feedster and some of the other rss feed search engines. I also like
mybookmarks to keep my bookmarks with me.

I played around with more image generators. I also went ahead to online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation production sites.

As I said before I created my LibraryThing account a few weeks ago. I finally figured out how to use rollyo

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I made my own practice wiki.

It was national blog day on Thursday but I didn’t have time to list my fav

There was a great article about Library 2.0 in
Library Journal this week.

4 day weekend this weekend after my 6 day workweek. Went away overnight on
Friday and saw my family today.


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