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I added some things to the side bar of this blog.
Work has been keeping me busy. The summer stuff is finally over. School is back on Monday.
I had a great fouth of July weekend.
I went up north overnight.
I went to a phoenix mercury game
I can’t beleive that mtv has been on the air for 25 years. We only got it in our house in 1983.
I can’t beleive pcs are 25 years old. I learned on TRS 80s and Apple IIes.
The Internet is 15 years old. I jumped on in 1995.

I know some about blogs and rss. I just spent some time getting my bloglines account organized. But I don’t know much about wikis, podcasts, etc. So I am going to follow along with Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library’s Learning 2.0. This weeks lesson it to tell the hardest and the easiest of the 7.5 habits of life long lerners. I hardest would be view problems and challenges. I am better with problems that I run in to with computers than other problems in my life but still. The easiest -play. I love to play with technology.

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