Dec 2 2001

I just got this up and running and i think will like this. This will be fun I think. I will try to update this at least weekly

Christmas quiz from

1. When do you put your Christmas/Hanukah decorations? – Not until at least after Thanksgiving weekend or the beginning of december.

2. Do you prefer to use Christmas lights that are all one color, or do you go for the multi-color effect? – Muli-color effect. I use small multi colored lights.

3. Real tree or fake? – We always had a real tree when I was a kid, but I’m alergic to them so I have a fake tree.

4. Where do you get your tree? – Bought it at Walmart. Stored in my garage.

5. Perfectly shaped tree, or one with character? – basiclly perfectly shaped but with a little character.

6. Where do you put your tree? – in the great room.

7. Tinsel or garland? – tinsel

8. Blinking lights or solid lights on the tree? – solid

9. What sits on the very top of your tree? – an Angel

10. Eggnog or hot chocolate? – hot chocolate

11. What does your family Christmas/Hanukah feast consist of? -Turkey with all the trimmings, jello salad, and cookies and ice cream for dessert

12. What day do you typically hold your Christmas celebrations? – Christmas day.

13. When do you open your presents? – Christmas Eve

14. Do you open them all at once, or one by one? -all at once

15. Favorite Christmas movie? – Not movies but I watch Charlie Brown’s Christman, Garflield’s Christmas,Rudolph, Frosty, and the Grinch every year.

16. Favorite Christmas song? – “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” and "All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth"

17. Do you have any family holiday traditions that you partake in each year? – Getting together with relatives christmas day

18. For New Year’s Eve, do you go out, or stay in?– We stay in and eat pizza and watch videos. Then stay up until midnight but are in bed by 12:01

Friday Five

1. What did you have for dinner last night?: green beans, spaghetti-o’s, and bread

2. Do you ever get up for a midnight snack?: Not really Unless I’m really hungary

3. What’s your favorite dessert?: chocolate cake

4. Tell us something about you that would surprise us: Um, I like the band Hanson

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Working unfortunately

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