Jan 22 2002

Everything that I wanted to happen this weekend happened plus something that I didn’t

I went shopping for birthday presents for co-workers etc. on Friday. On Saturday I went to the U OF A vs UCLA Basketball game. We won. Good game. We came back from a 20 point defecit. The crowd really got in to it (including me). On Sunday morning I went to church but I shouldn’t have told a white lie while I was there because I got rear ended that afternoon. So now my car is in the shop and I have a rental. Plus calling my insurance company. Monday afternoon I finally orded a computer desk. I couldn’t find one I liked before. Today I am waiting around for the plumber to come and fix my bathroom toilet. They said sometime between 8-12. Don’t you just love it when they are vague?

I love my 2 month old computer! I now pretty much have it the way I want it. I changed my start pages to my homepage this weekend like I said I should in my friday five.

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