Dec 19 2001

Stolen from here who stole it from other places

5 basic things about me:

– I love to eat

– i am extremely near-sighted

– i am a Taurus

– i am a cat lover

– i am right-handed

5 other things about me:

– I love to bake    

– I love to cross stitch and knit 

– I love to read

– I love to read to kids

– I love to play the piano 

5 things about my family:

– my family is very close

– my ancestors are scotch and german

– I have one younger brother

– I’m a lot like my mom and dad

– We spend a lot of time together

5 things about my significant other:

– I

– don’t

– have

– one

– unfortunately

5 things about my pet(s):

– I have three goldfish

– They are named Larry, Daryl, and Daryl

– They love to swim around their 3 gallon tank

– They love to eat.

– I watch them when I’m stressed. It’s very calming 

5 things about my website:

– I started my homepage in 1997.

– It was hosted on my isp’s space

– It’s now on Tripod

– I love making webpages

– I learned about the internet and html by taking classes and reading books

Cat509’s Journal was updated today

Snorcomments is no more. Anyone know a free and easy comments system?

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