I figured out how to use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop a little.

I finally paid for a Hootsuite account. I think it will come in handy.

I’ve been listening to music on Spotify and watching streaming video.

I had a whole list of things I wanted to do this summer but ran out of time as usual.

I also learned how to embed tweets

A couple that I like from Internet Librarian.

Skydrive and Google drive now have apps. I have downloaded them but haven’t used them much yet. http://mclctechtalk.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/cloud-storage/ my post about them.

I have also finally learned how to use XBMC.

I can’t believe that Donna Summer, Jean Craighead George, and Mourice Sendak are dead. My Side of the Mountain is one of my favorite kids books and I love Donna Summer’s music.

I saw Dana Carvey in concert and saw the Avengers movie.

I have added Fedora/Red Hat and Debian to my Virtualbox and now have 5 versions of Linux I’m trying to use.

I set up my Google+ account and have been playing around with that, getglue, and pinterest.

I can’t beleive Davy Jones is dead. I love the Monkees and he was my favorite.

I watched “The Annoucement” on ESPN with Magic. It was good.

Long time no post.

Google+ and Spotify have come out. I have accounts with both but haven’t tried them yet.

I just upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu. I also just installed Mint, OpenSuse, and Windows 8 to Virtual Box. I’m looking forward to using them.

I saw The Help and Sarah’s Key in the theater. They were good. I want to see Snowflower and the Secret Fan and Water For Elephants when they come to DVD,

One of my favorite comics is no more. Cathy’s last cartoon was 10/3/10 I’m going to miss it. here it is

Peanuts turned 60 last year. I can’t believe it.

Sparky Anderson died. I am a Detroit Tigers fan and still remember being in Michigan in 1984 when they won the world series.

I had a happy holidays.

I can’t believe it but I moved my blog to wordpress. I also finally got all of my pages moved to my domain.

Summer was busy for me. I had a fun 3 day weekend last weekend.

I still haven’t gotten to the things in my last post or other computer related things as well. Hopefully soon.

I installed windows 7 home premium on virtualbox and like it. I also installed Chrome OS on virtualbox but it is slow. I also have installed Boxee on my laptop and watch tv shows from it every once in awhile. I have worked on my desktops for my computers. I made them look better and easier to use. I have added some firefox extensions and google addins. Some good ideas http://lifehacker.com/5435523/you-dont-need-to-regularly-reinstall-windows-heres-why?skyline=true&s=x.

The holidays have come and gone. I got to spend them with my family.

My Mom, my brother and I went to the Fire Museum.

I went to birthday parties for my friend and my friend’s son.

I have also watched a few dvds and wend to see Blind Side and Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeekquel.

From http://www.munkyourself.com


I’m typing this in blogger on GOS. I’m waiting for Google Chrome to come out.

I made apple cider and pumpkin doughnuts yesterday. Yum!

Walmart has started to sell Hard Candy Cosmetics. Yea! I guess they started in the 1990s but I didn’t hear of them until about 5 years ago.

I’m watching NCIS Los Angeles online as I type this. I’ve never done that before. Just on DVR or ON Demand. I want to start watching things on Hulu sometime.

I am posting this from blogo on my mac mini. Wow my last post was June?? Yikes!

I spent time on July 4th and Labor Day with my Mom. I upgraded my mac mini to Snow Leopard and My Ubuntu to Karma Koala. I also updated my virtualbox. I went to 1 new Public Library Branch and the County took over another library close by me and I have been to both of them. I liked them both. I went to Waffle House for the first time. Yum!