Last year I didn’t do a post on music. But I should have.
Last year Hanson and New Kids on the Block put out new Christmas albums. I like both of them.
Hanson also came out with a compilation of their music so far. It was good. They came out with String Theory this year. It is good as well.
This year the Monkees came out with a Christmas Album. Like Good Times, no new Davy Jones of course. That is kind of weird. But it’s a great album!
I joined Apple Music. I like it so much I will be dropping Spotify and Pandora next year.
I also found some new podcasts. I have a list I need to catch up on. I like using apple and google podcasts to listen to them.

This week was the 50th Anniversary of the airing of the first episode of the Monkees. Back when they aired repeats in 1976 I started watching them and fell in love with Davy Jones. I loved his British accent and the fact that he was short. When they got back together in 1986 I was able to see them live. My poor father went with me to see them Live four times. I also saw Davy Live by myself once. They played a show in Mesa last Thursday but I couldn’t go because I was working. Plus Davy wasn’t there since he passed back in 2012 and my father passed in 2009 so it would have been hard for me. They put out a new album this year. It is called Good Times and it is good. One of the admins for the Zilch Monkees podcast also runs the Better Library Leaders Podcast. She came up with a cool article about Six Timeless Leadership Lessons I Learned from the Monkees. Now to go watch the Monkees Marathon on AntennaTV.

There was a question on Twitter. Who was the first celebrity death to really punch you in the gut? My answer, Davy Jones. On the day he died, I was teaching my Internet Basics class at work. One of the sites I have them go to in class in the Arizona Republic’s website. His death was one of the home page stories. I had to get through class and the rest of work before I could cry. I saw him on a PBS special the next month and cried my eyes out.


This happened last year and I can’t believe I didn’t post about it then. In addition to loving libraries I love music. Dave Menzo learned that the Ann Arbor Public Library loaned out musical instruments and created a cds worth of music. Then he put it up on Kickstarter. I contributed and got a cd. Cool. You can borrow all kinds of things from libraries. More info in this article. Also, you can buy the cd on CD Baby.