I mentioned in a previous post that I started to learn to code with basic and pascal in school. About 20 years ago I learned HTML and CSS. I also learned a little xml and javascript.
But now I want to learn more. I want to learn more javascript and bootstrap. I also want to add to my html and css knowledge. I still also want to learn about bitcoin, blockchain / data and also Ubuntu Server. I added a computer class page, a resources page, a projects page, and log page to my coding section of my website. This way I might keep track of what I want to learn. I keep on following the codenewbie, 100daysofcode, and freecodecamp hashtags on twitter. I don’t think I want to switch professions but I want to add to what I already know and find out how others are doing it.

I’ve been thinking about computers lately. I learned on a TRS-80. I learned how to play games and code in middle school on these. Now I am using Linux. I also learned using an Apple iie. I also learned how to code in basic and pascal and play games on them in middle school and high school. I used a Mac in college. Now I have a Mac Mini, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. I’m also reading Steve Jobs’ biography finally. I primarily use Windows though. I want to get Windows 8 up and running on Virtual Box soon. I love computers and love how to teach people how to use them because I learned how to use them in school.

Fun video on how kids react to an Apple iie. I love it!

Twitter question. Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn’t understand? Apple iie, also a TRS80. Also, an old library card catalog since everything is online these days.

I try to keep up with new technology etc. that comes out.

I recently visited Mesa Library’s ThinkSpot , their makerspace. They have a 3d printer, greenscreen room, huge monitors, etc. I loved it. I also got a library card from there. They have a subscription to Treehouse. I want to try that. I also have 2 books and some other websites bookmarked so I can learn how to code. I learned how to code in Basic and Pascal in high school. Later on I learned how to do HTML, CSS, Java, and Javascript. Now I want to start with JustBasic and then go to Python and Ruby. Maybe even learn how servers work and php and sql some day. I also want to learn how to use PhraseExpress and AutoHotkey. Good goals for me for the next year or so. Setting technology goals for the new year.

I have Alice and Scratch installed on my computer and might like to teach kids how to use them someday once I learn how to use them.

I have a Raspberry Pi and want to learn how to use it to code as well. I also have Plex, XBMC, and Emulation Station for it as well.

Don’t learn to code learn to work with technology and Why you should learn to run a server before you learn to code both also make good points. I like learning how to use technology as well as program/code it. It gives you a better understanding of how things work. I also think learning how servers work is important in libraries since most ILS run on sql.

I’m glad that Code.org had their hour of code. I’m also glad libraries are teaching code like the dev dev Summer of Code.

I hope there are more kids like Joey Hudy some day.

Very good TED Talk on hackschooling. School needs to be fun for kids to get them interested in learning.