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I already have a delicious account. But I understand even better how it works and see how it is a good organizational tool. I created a name tag for my blog with them. Haven’t done much with technorati. But I should.

I read Into a new world of librarianship by Michael Stephens. I agree with alot of what he says. The hardest thing for me is not to go for techolust. He even says that it’s hard for him too. It takes a lot of work, planning , keeping up with new things, and education of staff and patrons to pull off a library 2.0 library.

I already made my own wiki. But I played around with other wikis and can see how we can use them at work

I already made some files with online applications. I have used some of the sites on this list but I chose frappr to play with since I had never used it. It’s a neat map application that is great for adding maps to websites or blogs.

I have been searching youtube since last summer. But I never signed up for an account until last month. I made a favorites page and added 4 videos to it. It’s neat you can add videos from there to your blog or web page like this

I added a short one so it won’t take long to load. I should play with yahoo and google videos sometime.

A couple of weeks ago I added a book podcast to my bloglines account. I have a few podcasts that I have added to my itunes that I download every once-in-awhile. I want to use odeo someday but will stick with audioblogger for now. There are some great podcasting search engines out there. I need to play around with them more.

We have overdrive at work and have used it and downloaded things from it. But I have played around with netlibrary through a nearby library. I haven’t downloaded anything from net library yet though. I hope to soon. I like being able to listen to books on an mp3 player.

Worked 6 days off for 3 days this weekend. Ran errands etc Friday and Saturday. Saw my parents today. Went to a birthday party last Friday and went out to dinner with friends last weekend.

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